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2020 Candidates on Immigration: Warren

The 2020 presidential election is around the corner and Senator Elizabeth Warren [D-MA] is emerging as a front runner in the democratic party. In the latest quarter, her campaign raised $24.6m – Senator Bernie Sanders raised $25.4m during the same period. With Warren’s stock on the rise, it’s time to look at where she stands on pressing immigration issues.

       Legal Immigration

Senator Warren wants to expand legal immigration. She believes that legal immigration can be a tool to create jobs and businesses and grow the US economy.


Senator Warren supports reinstating DACA and providing protections for Dreamers. Furthermore, she advocates for expanding the program. The Trump Administration announced the termination of DACA in 2017 and in November of this year, the Supreme Court will review the Administration’s decision to end the program.

       Immigration Agencies

Senator Warren says that she wants to “remake” CBP and ICE. She plans to accomplish this by re-focusing the agencies efforts, upholding the rule of law and increasing transparency.

       Immigration Courts

Senator Warren plans to establish professional, independent Article I immigration courts.Judicial review for immigration cases would be modeled on the federal court system.

       USCIS Processing

Senator Warren, along with other Senators, have written to USCIS to express concerns about nationwide case delays.

       3- and 10-year Ban

As it stands, the law dictates that individuals who are unlawfully present in the United States for more than 180 days are subject to a three-year ban and those who are unlawfully present for one year, or more, are subject to a ten-year ban. If elected, Senator Warren will petition Congress to repeal these bans and reinterpret the “extreme hardship” requirement – making waivers more accessible.

       Office of New Americans

If elected, Senator Warren plans to establish an Office of New Americans. The office will support new immigrants as they transition into US.

As the presidential race continues, Silver Immigration will continue to update our readers with the top nominees’ immigration proposals and stances.