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Common Mistakes People Make When Applying for a U.S. Green Card

It’s undeniable that U.S. citizenship affords you many opportunities to live up to your fullest potential. But before you pursue the American dream, you must obtain a U.S. Green Card

For many applicants, the process of obtaining a U.S. Green Card is daunting and tedious, making it easy for them to make mistakes. Here are some common errors you should avoid during your application process:

Lack of supporting documentation

Your application is considered incomplete if you don’t submit all the required documents. Failure to submit these items can result in your application being denied.

No English translation of documents

If you’re not from an English-speaking country, you must submit English translated versions of documents such as your birth and marriage certificates, along with the original documents. Every single word must be translated into English. 

Also, the translator must certify in writing that they accurately translated the documents. This is to be accompanied by the date of translation and the translator’s personal information.

Unanswered questions and missing signatures

Some applicants make the mistake of leaving questions unanswered on the forms because the questions don’t apply to them. For these questions, write “N/A” or “not applicable” in the spaces provided.

The approval of your application is also dependent on whether the relevant signatures are on all signature lines. You, your sponsor and other signatories must sign where necessary. 

Wrong types of photos

Another mistake that can cost you your U.S. Green Card is submitting unapproved photos. You’re required to submit passport-style photos that are taken within the last six months.  Selfies and pictures taken of you while you’re wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses will be immediately rejected. Officials should see full-colour photos that feature a clear image of your face without filters. The background of the pictures should be plain white or off-white.

No affidavit of support

A critical part of your application is the affidavit of support. An affidavit of support is a document signed by a U.S. citizen who will assume financial responsibility for an immigrant.  Your application may be denied if you fail to submit it.

Missed deadlines

You can’t afford to miss deadlines such as your visa expiration date, dates for application processing and the date of the interview. Missing these deadlines can result in a denied application.

Insufficient payment

The instructions on the forms will tell you how much it costs to process each form or application. You can expect to pay between $1200 and $1760. Submit the correct payment at the same time as your application.

Paying less than the actual cost will result in delays. Your application will be returned to you along with an invoice for the correct figure. 

Failure to hire an immigration lawyer

You are not required to hire an immigration lawyer to apply for a U.S. Green Card, but consulting with a law firm that specializes in immigration services, can help you avoid mistakes that can delay the process.

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