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What Should You Consider Before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer?

The immigration process can be intimidating, as it involves many steps and complex paperwork. An immigration lawyer can guide you through this complicated process, one step at a time.

However, not all immigration lawyers are equipped and skilled enough to handle your case. You’ll need a lawyer who will help to simplify the process while advocating for you. With that said, here are a few questions to help determine if a lawyer is right for your case.

Does the immigration lawyer have an online presence?

A website or blog sends the message that the lawyer is credible and trustworthy. Reviews on the lawyer’s website and third-party sites like Google and Yelp can also give you an idea of what it would be like to work with them.

How available is the lawyer?

Does the lawyer reply to your emails and return your calls promptly? Do they make an effort to meet with you? It’s not a good idea to hire a lawyer with limited availability because they more than likely won’t have enough time to concentrate on your case.

Will the immigration lawyer be directly involved in preparing your case?

You need to know if your potential lawyer will be the one preparing your case. A dedicated lawyer may require the assistance of a paralegal but will not hand over your case to them.

How many cases is the lawyer handling?

An immigration lawyer is ideal if they aren’t swamped with other cases. One tell-tale sign that a lawyer is swamped is your having to remind them about key details during each meeting or conversation.

It would be helpful to hire an immigration lawyer who works on a small number of cases and handles the cases themselves.

Does the firm offer fixed fees?

You’ll need a transparent immigration lawyer, especially when it comes to fees. Be sure to request a reliable estimate of their prices for handling the entire case. You certainly don’t want to work with shady lawyers who charge less initially, only to ambush you with all sorts of charges later.

Is the lawyer honest?

Avoid immigration lawyers who ask you to be dishonest. This may include suggesting that you lie on your application or bribe immigration officers. Such actions will ruin your chances of a successful immigration application if you are caught.

How transparent is the immigration lawyer?

An immigration lawyer who values their clients will not give you false hope. A highly experienced lawyer knows that there may be issues in a case, even if it seems to be a done deal in the beginning. While they aim to inspire confidence, they will not make unrealistic promises to make you feel that there is a guarantee you will get the outcome that you expect and desire.

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