US Waiver considerations

4 Things You Should Consider When Applying For A US Waiver

In previous blogs, we’ve gone through why you need a US Waiver, that much is understood. Now that you have decided to pursue a US Waiver, here are top 5 things to consider when applying.

4 things you should consider when applying for a US Waiver

Timing: First there is an average processing time of 2-3 months for US Waiver Applications, that is the first element of time that must be considered when applying. Secondly and more importantly, it will take time to gather and prepare the necessary documentation, it will also take time to consult with your lawyer and discuss the application in thorough detail. If either of these time commitments do not work for you, you might need to consider alternative options. For those that simply cannot wait the processing time, contact us today and mention “patrol entry for extraordinary circumstances.”

Information Required: As briefly discussed in point one, there will be documentation that your lawyer will need you to provide; court documents, tax returns, reference letters and other additional information. Without the documentation, your US Waiver Application will not get approved. For more information on the US Waiver Application process, please click here.

Honesty: Perhaps the most important consideration of the five. The approval of your US Waiver is largely dependent on your ability to provide accurate and honest information to your lawyer. Just remember, your lawyer is only asking you specific questions for one single reason; to ensure that your Waiver Application has the best possible chance for approval. Ultimately, if you want the highest likely of approval for your US Waiver Application, be honest when speaking with your lawyer, it can only help.

Finding a reputable lawyer: Even the smallest mishaps can and will result in refusal, and when the stakes are high, experience and expertise are invaluable. Make sure your lawyer has experience and is up to date with the ever-evolving laws and regulations for US Waivers. As technology continues to improve and the submission methods for Waivers continue to change, you will need a lawyer knows how to structure your US Waiver Application and also, a lawyer who will ensure that it is submitted properly on your behalf.

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