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F-1 Visa – Full-Time Student Visa USA

The United States remains a premier destination for those seeking a quality education. With a great quality of life and wide range of schools to choose from, people from all over the globe flock to the US in furtherance of academic pursuits. Generally, most students secure an F-1 Visa to study in the US. Below are answers to FAQs regarding F-1 Visas.


What is a Form I-20?

  • Form I-20 is also referred to as a Certificate of Eligibility. Students must obtain the form from the U.S. academic institution they plan to attend. Form I-20, along with a non-immigrant visa application and the supporting documentation, are to be submitted to the U.S. Consulate to apply for the F-1 Visa. After the Visa is issued, the applicant can then apply for admission at a port-of-entry. Canadians do not need to apply at a Consulate. They can go directly to the border with their I-20 and supporting documentation.


As a Canadian, what do I need to have with me to apply for F-1 status at a land-crossing point or international airport?

  • Generally, you need the following:
    1. Canadian passport;
    2. Original Form I-20;
    3. Confirmation of SEVIS fee payment;
    4. Proof of sufficient financial means to cover school and living expenses; and
    5. Proof of ties to Canada.


When can I enter the U.S.?

  • 30 days before the start date on Form I-20.


My spouse and child are coming with me to the U.S., do they need an I-20 also?

  • If they are entering the U.S. in F-2 status, then they need their own original I-20.


How long can I be admitted for in F-1 status?

  • Students may be admitted for the duration of their studies, plus any period of authorized practical training.


Do I have to leave the day my F-1 expires?

  • There is a 60-day grace period to depart the U.S.


Some people don’t even need an F-1 to study in the U.S. Examples of those who can study in the U.S. full-time without an F-1 Visa are dependents of H, L, and E visa holders.


Looking for help securing a US full-time student F-1 Visa?


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