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B Visa for Business Trips – Business Visa USA

A business visa is available to foreign nationals who enter the U.S. for a limited duration for business (B-1) or both business and pleasure (B1/B2). The B category was designed to promote international travel that would produce cultural, social and economic benefits but it was not designed as a means to secure employment.


While a foreign national may not “work” with a business visa, he or she may engage in legitimate B-1 business activities without crossing the line into employment. If a foreign national is travelling to the U.S. to engage in any of the following activities, then they would be eligible for a business visa:


  1. Commercial transactions;
  2. Negotiate contracts;
  3. Consult with business associates;
  4. Litigation;
  5. Participate in scientific, educational, professional, or business conventions, conferences, or seminars; or
  6. Undertake independent research.


The above list is not exhaustive but rather the most common B-1 activities. What business activities a foreign national may engage in without violating US immigration laws are determined on a case-by-case basis and counsel should be sought to ensure full compliance. Canadians enjoy several US immigration benefits and one of the most notable ones is that they can apply for B status directly at a port-of-entry, as opposed to a US consulate.


Looking for help securing a US business visa?


Silver Immigration can guide you through the process of obtaining a US business visa. Our team will help you understand your visa needs and assist you throughout the process of successfully acquiring a B visa. To speak with an immigration lawyer, you can complete a contact form or book a free consultation.