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Visa d'affaires - Visa B

Visa d'affaires - Visa B

Une business visa is available to foreign nationals who enter the U.S. for a limited duration for business (B-1) or both business and pleasure (B1/B2). The B category was designed to promote international travel that would produce cultural, social and economic benefits but it was not designed as a means to secure employment.


While a foreign national may not “work” with a business visa, he or she may engage in legitimate B-1 business activities without crossing the line into employment. If a foreign national is travelling to the U.S. to engage in any of the following activities, then they would be eligible for a business visa:


  1. Transactions commerciales;
  2. Effectuer des transactions commerciales;
  3. Entreprendre des recherches indépendantes;
  4. Litige;
  5. Participer à des congrès, conférences ou séminaires scientifiques, éducatifs, professionnels ou professionnels; ou
  6. Faire des recherches.


The above list is not exhaustive but rather the most common B-1 activities. What business activities a foreign national may engage in without violating US immigration laws are determined on a case-by-case basis and counsel should be sought to ensure full compliance. Canadians enjoy several US immigration benefits and one of the most notable ones is that they can apply for B status directly at a port-of-entry, as opposed to a US consulate.


Vous cherchez de l'aide pour obtenir un visa d'affaires américain?


Silver Immigration peut vous guider dans le processus d'obtention d'un US business visa. Our team will help you understand your visa needs and assist you throughout the process of successfully acquiring a B visa. To speak with an immigration lawyer, you can complete a formulaire de contact or book a consultation gratuite.